Jewish education has and always been a major priority of the Jewish people worldwide. Stories abound about the supernatural commitment that Jews made over the centuries to insure that their children would grow into Torah true Jews. How can we ensure the continued survival of the Jewish people? Enter Chinuch YehudiChinuch Yehudi was founded in 2016 to aid Israeli families, residing in the state of Florida, provide their children a Jewish day school education. Since then, we have expanded to Nevada and are currently in the process of rolling out our program in additional areas. Over the last twenty years, there has been phenomenal growth of the Israeli population in Florida.(see graph )Unfortunately, many of the children of these families are assimilating rapidly into the society at large and have no connection to their Jewish heritage.In many cases, Israeli parents not only understand the need to give their children a Jewish education but are happy to send their children to a day school as they provide their American born children a connection to the Israeli lifestyle of their origins.But for many, day school education is financially unaffordable

Chinuch Yehudi will address these issues in the following manner:

-It will educate parents of the critical importance of their kids having a proper Jewish education. -It will utilize the following resources to make day school education affordable.

  • Florida’s Step Up Tax Credit Scholarship program,giving financial assistance for private school education
  • Jewish organizations,which help parents carry the cost of day school education
  • Scholarships from the local day schools
  • Chinuch Yehudi’s tuition assistance program

Once these children are enrolled in a day school, the process of integrating these children into text based reading of Chumash and Navi will be almost seamless, as these children are already familiar with the Hebrew language.

Every Jewish child should have access to a Jewish education.Partner with us and help us make this dream a reality!

Rabbi Yehuda Kornfeld –
Program Director

Rabbi Yehuda Kornfeld was born and raised in Israel. Studied in Yeshiva chevron and Mir yeshiva He received his Rabbinic Ordination from the Talmudic University of Miami. He received certification as a Life Coach from The Israel National Certifying Board of Life Coaching and is a certified Marriage Councillor from the Yanar Center in Jerusalem. He is the founding director of Masoret Yehudit a Jewish Day School in Miami Florida Who currently has over 200 students if not for Masoret Yehudit all of these students would be in public school. He is also the founder of JFI- Jewish Family Identity and identity whose goal is to instill Jewish identity amongst first and second generation Israelis living across the United States. He serves as a rabbi and mentor to hundreds of Jewish families throughout South Florida

Rabbi Moshe Orlowek –
Las Vegas
Program Director

Rabbi Moshe Orlowek was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. He learned in Yeshivat chevron, Yeshiva Gedolah of Detroit and BMG in Lakewood. Together with his wife, living in Brooklyn for the past few years they spearheaded an outreach program connecting Young Jewish professionals to their roots. In 2017 he moved with his wife and family to join the Las Vegas community. Rabbi Orlowek is currently the director of Israeli outreach for young Israel Aish of Las Vegas. Through weekly classes and numerous programming, he focuses on strengthening Jewish identity for the Israeli community. Rabbi Orlowek joined the Chinuch Yehudi team with his passion for helping Jewish families to pursue Jewish education.

Mrs. Miriam Laniado –
Los Angles
Program Director

Mrs. Miriam Laniado was born and raised in Bnei Braq, Israel and grew up in a house devoted to serving Klal Yisrael. Her father is an esteemed Rabbi and sofer and her mother a seminary administrator/Menahelet for over 30 years. Miri, as she is called by her friends, grew up in the Beit Yaakov seminaries and continued her education at the famous Bais Chaya Rachel seminary in Gateshead, England. Even as a young lady, Miri would spend her time helping at the orphanage, Keren HaYeled, run by her brother. Miri’s husband, originally from Los Angeles, met her while studying in Israel and when they moved back to Los Angeles, the Laniado’s continued their passion for Torah and Mitzvot by teaching, running boys and girls youth groups, ladies groups, and organizing community events. Today Miri enjoys being a vibrant part of the American and Israeli Jewish community here in Los Angeles together with her husband and their children and enjoys sharing her time with friends.