Jewish Affinity

Placing Israeli outreach professionals in specific parts of the USA where there are significant Israeli populations. Native Israelis tend to congregate together because they feel comfortable with people who share similar values and culture. These talented individuals are suited to create connections with the local Israeli population, develop meaningful relationships with them, and guide Israelis how they can ensure their children will retain a Jewish identity. Additionally, these professionals will assist parents who wish to switch their children to Jewish day school and ensure the children have a smooth transition into their new environment.

Big Brother/Big Sister

Matching girls and boys age 16-20 with middle school age boys and girls age 10-14. This is a superb opportunity for Israeli children in public school to create a relationship with older teens. They will play sports, go bowling, create arts and crafts, and other extracurricular activities. The children will have an opportunity to learn with their mentor and spend Shabbat with them. The immediate benefit is that the older teen will show them through their interaction that Judaism is fun and relevant to them. The long-term benefit is that the middle school age child now has a friend and mentor who they can turn to for guidance and friendship at any time in their life.

Community Events

Communities with sizable Israeli populations will turn to Chinuch Yehudi to host an event in their community, usually in the synagogue, to promote Jewish education. It will be advertised as an evening of sushi and wine, together with one of our experts, to talk about Jewish education and the different school options in their area. An Israeli parent who has switched their child to the local Jewish school will come and talk about their experience and how their child has adjusted to their new environment. The relaxed atmosphere makes for an enjoyable and educational night out with friends.

Holiday Events

Chinuch Yehudi participates in large social events around Holiday times. Besides giving Israelis a chance to meet other Israelis, this program enables them to learn more about the Holiday and celebrate it together with others. It is also a terrific opportunity for our representatives to meet new families in a joyous atmosphere and discuss with them the importance of Jewish education.

Chugay Bayit

Our representative will organize a meeting with interested parents in a private home with 7-15 other parents.

Group discussions will focus on

  • the necessity and benefits of Jewish education,
  • the issues facing Israeli parents raising children in the Golah,
  • how to ease the transition from public school to Jewish day school d )the financial options available to make Jewish education more affordable for the average parent.

The relaxed atmosphere makes for an enjoyable and educational night out with friends.


Hosting workshops with Dr. Neta Peleg-Oren a well-known psychotherapist, in different Israeli communities about how to retain their Jewish identity in the Diaspora. The goal of these workshops is to discuss the issues facing Israeli parents who want themselves and their children to retain their Jewish Israeli identity.

Practical solutions, based on experiential evidence, will be offered as to what should be done to ensure that future generations of Israelis identify themselves as such.

Weekend Events

Weekend retreats designed to promote and inspire greater commitment to Judaism, the state of Israel, and the Jewish community at large. Shabbatons are a great way to further the relationship between our local representatives and their Israeli friends. Spending a meaningful Shabbat in a comfortable new location gives parents the peace of mind to reflect on the value of a Jewish lifestyle and how they can pass on that to their children.

Tuition Assistance

Aiding parents shoulder the cost of private school education. The cost of Jewish education is probably the biggest hurdle Israeli parents face in making this weighty choice; especially considering they are accustomed to education being free in Israel. Chinuch Yehudi helps parents determine if they are eligible for any government assistance for tuition and fill out the appropriate forms. Additionally, Chinuch Yehudi connects parents with organizations like Nechomas Yisroel which help defray the cost of tuition and offers its own tuition scholarships to qualifying students.

One On One Learning

Matching mentors with Israeli parents looking to further their Jewish knowledge. Study partners enable parents wanting to explore any area of Jewish study to develop their own learning skills, at their own pace, with a more knowledgeable partner. These partners not only become mentors but lifelong friends.

Tutoring Program

Switching from a public school to a Jewish day school is very rewarding, but there might be initial challenges that have to be overcome. One of them is ensuring the child is on par with his or her class in Judaic studies. To solve this problem, Chinuch Yehudi hires experienced teachers who work with the child prior to entering their new school so that the child will be equivalent to his peers in all ways.